First couple weeks with the summer crew!

The first couple weeks have been busy for the new CRSA summer students Jeremy Camus and Mathieu Muise. Our first week involved many orientation activities, Occupational Health and Safety training sessions and water quality monitoring of the Aucoin Brook. Last Tuesday, we attended the Adopt a Stream training day in Margaree where we had the opportunity to learn about various in-stream structures and even got to help install a digger log! Last Thursday we volunteered at the Margaree Fish Hatchery and helped transfer thousands of young salmon to new pools. The same day we had a nice visit at the Margaree Salmon Museum. Monday morning was greeted with some wet weather, but we had the opportunity to learn from CRSA President, Rene Aucoin, how to tie some simple flies during an impromptu workshop. Tuesday we were lucky to have Rene Aucoin take us out for some Flycasting lessons on the Cheticamp River! Wednesday we helped out on the Cheticamp River by putting in hay bales to help remove excess sediment from the stream during heavy machinery work. We also had our first go at removing some impressive beaver dams in the Aucoin Brook, what hard work! Thursday we partnered with workers from GAMS (Gulf Aquarium and Marine Station Cooperative) and got to help sample many interesting invertebrate species along the shore line of Cheticamp!