Last week of the project

Sadly, the summer has ended and today is the last day of student work. With the weather this week work has been difficult out on the river but the crew managed to get as much as they possibly could do done. They installed the last two digger logs and installed 4 deflectors. 

We had a few other events happening this week. We had the information session/open house for the Cheticamp River Project. We had our consultants, Charlie MacInnis and Danielle Goff-Beaton, come down to give a presentation in the afternoon. The evening portion was a more informal sessions where people dropped in to ask questions about the project. The event was successful with lots of great questions asked about the project. 

Our second event that we had this week was the river tour and bbq. We were serving free hot dogs and a drink for people to come out and learn about our organization and about the student projects. There was lots of activity around the bbq and the students enjoyed chatting with the public out the projects that they were working on.

This brings us to the conclusion of the summer. After this, Antoine, Rachelle and Jeremy will be returning to High School, Logan will be off to study to become a boiler maker in Sydney, and Lauren will return to St. Francis Xavier University for here 4th year in the Aquatic Resources program. The CRSA would like to thank them for all the hard work that they put in this summer and wishes them the best of luck with the upcoming year!