Week 7! August 11-15

The summer is sadly winding down, with only one more week of work for the students for the Chéticamp River Salmon Association. This week involved a lot more restoration work, monitoring, and the release of our Striped Bass survey! 

On Monday, our chainsaw operator, Albert Deveau, was there to help us cut a few trees for digger logs, and we were able to install one of those on this day. On Tuesday, rock deflectors were installed on Farm Brook. These deflectors help direct the river flow to where it should be going, which also creates stronger water movement. 


On Wednesday, more digger logs were put in which creates pools downstream and supports a riffles upstream (which is great for the Atlantic Salmon!). On Thursday, another digger log was successfully put in on Aucoin Brook, and Friday consisted of doing some ecological monitoring along Aucoin Brook and finishing up some unfinished structures.

Overall, it was a great week :). Remember to check out our Striped Bass survey! You could win a $100 gift certificate from a local restaurant of your choice. Simply fill it out, and return it to the drop off envelope on the bulletin board at the Chéticamp CO-OP, or email it back to x2011tdb@stfx.ca

Survey link: https://www.dropbox.com/s/0zl51r83z2zd5o1/2014%20striped%20bass%20survey%21.docx