Week 8: August 19th - 23rd


Week 8: August 19th – 23rd was an extremely productive week for the Chéticamp River Salmon Association. Monday and Tuesday the group worked on clearing debris and blockages, and getting the new channel on Aucoin’s brook into a stable channel. Wednesday, the group spent the day finishing up work on the brush mats near the section of Aucoin’s brook that passes near the Gypsum Mines trail. A second layer of brush was installed on 3 of 4 brush mats that were previously installed and a 5th brush mat was put in. Amy from Adopt-a-Steam also visited to inspect the work over the summer. Thursday the group finished up several odd jobs on Aucoin’s brook. Three reflectors were installed, maintenance was done on one digger log and a second digger log was installed. Friday, with the help of Albert Deveau, the group continued clearing debris from the new channel on Aucoin’s brook. Because of rainy conditions in the afternoon the group finished the week with an afternoon of office work.