Week 7: August 12th - 16th


Week 7: August 12th – 16th. With the summer quickly coming to an end, the Chéticamp River Salmon Association is very busy finishing up this year’s work. Monday, the group worked towards getting Aucoin’s brook back into a single channel along sections of the brook where several channels had been formed as a result of the flood. The group finished the afternoon with the filling of several hundred sandbags that would be used to redirect the brook’s current during the installation of the new bridge on Aucoin’s brook. Tuesday morning the group continued work on Aucoin’s getting the brook into a single channel. Half the group then worked with Danielle from DFO on surveying the section of the Chéticamp River just above the park bridge, while the other half of the group returned to Aucoin’s brook with Charlie, also from DFO, to decide whether or not to return the brook into the original channel or to let it follow its new path. Finally, the group finished the day off with more sandbags. Wednesday, the group was glad to welcome Tylor Harris as the newest member of the CRSA work crew. The group started the day by reinforcing a section of the road used to access the river that had been damaged during the flood. With the help of chainsaw operator Albert Deveau, the group then cut, prepared and transported lumber for 2 digger logs, as well as two 2 reflectors to the sections of the river where they would be installed. The installation of one of these digger logs was started, but not completed. Thursday, the CRSA yet again welcomed another worker: Rachelle Aucoin was with us for the day. The group started the day off by saving fish that had been trapped in puddles as a result of the flood. The group then finished the installation of the first digger log, finished a second one, and dragged a log that had previously been cut to its installation location. Friday, with the help of chainsaw operator Albert Deveau, the group cleared debris upstream from the guardrail bridge up to the falls and removed a large crib that had been severely damaged during the flood.