Fly Fishing Workshop 2018

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This week we held our annual Fly Fishing Workshop in Grand Etang. This is the first time that the CRSA opened the workshop to the community. Traditionally, the workshop is held at schools and is open to students only. The CRSA is pleased with the interest from adults and families in the area. The workshop was led by Lewis Hinks and Rene Aucoin. Hinks works for the Atlantic Salmon Federation, as the director of programs for Nova Scotia and he is an experienced mastercaster. Aucoin is the founder of the CRSA, and also holds many years of experience in fly-fishing.

Unfortunately, the temperature was too warm to fish on the water. In warm weather, the fish experience stress and their mortality rate increases. Although the conditions were too warm to fish, participants enjoyed learning in the sun at the field behind St. Joseph du Moine.

In addition to learning how to fly cast, participants learned how to tie leaders and hooks. Participants were happy to receive one-on-one instruction from Hinks and Aucoin on how to improve their casting technique.