Week 6: August 4th -8th!

This week was a short one at the Cheticamp River Salmon Association, but it was a very busy one. We had a new student join us, Jeremy Camus, to help out until the end of the summer. Most of this week was dedicated to finishing up some of last week's jobs such as building the 3 log high extension and other bank logs as well as installing new digger logs! The digger log essentially acts the same as a tree would if it fell into the river with the purpose of supporting a riffle upstream and to create a pool downstream that will not fill in in order to enhance trout and salmon habitat and to promote aquatic habitat diversity. This week the students installed three digger logs with more being installed next week.

On Thursday Dr Barry Taylor, a biology professor from St. Francis Xavier University, came up for the morning to teach the students about benthic invertebrates that live in the river. He showed us some common techniques used to collect samples and showed us some of the most common species that are found in most of Nova Scotia's streams. The students were very interested and were surprised about how many small creatures live on the river!

Come back next week as there will be more photo's of digger logs as well as pictures of new deflectors going in!