What do Alexander Keith and salmon have in common?

Cheticamp NSLC Adopt-a-Stream table.jpg

I have heard about work driving people to drink, but I never would have imagined when I signed on for another year with the Cheticamp River salmon Association that I'd be spending so much time, so quickly, in the NSLC! Lucky for me, it wasn't stress that drove me to spend all of last Saturday in Cheticamp's NSLC and Tuesday in the Margaree Co-op. I was there to raise awareness of the NSLC's contributions to river restoration in Nova Scotia. The NSLC has a long-standing partnership with Adopt-a-Stream, a program of the Nova Scotia Salmon Association, which provides funding and expertise to assist community-based watershed management and stream restoration projects. For the past several summers, Adopt-a-Stream has been the major funder of the Cheticamp River Salmon Association's work in the community (and it is an important source of funding this year as well). So, if anyone gives you a hard time this summer for drinking a cold one while you're mowing the lawn, you can just tell them that you're doing your part to make sure that Cheticamp's rivers stay healthy and provide the best possible habitat for Atlantic salmon and trout.

P.s. Between now and May 5th, the NSLC will be donating part of the profits of sales of certain products directly to Adopt a Stream. See in store for details.